Additional Resources

For specific resources by State/County, please contact us. 

Birth Fathers


Medical Assistance: Health Care Program

MinnesotaCare: Program for health insurance coverage

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC): Nutrition Program


Wisconsin ACCESS: Connections to programs for health, nutrition, child care, and employment. 

Planned Parenthood: Sexual health services

Proof Alliance: Substance use program and support

Mother To Baby: Substance use and medication use during pregnancy program and support



Help Me Grow Minnesota: Child Development education and support

Wisconsin Birth To Three Program: Wisconsin Early Childhood Family Education

Nurse-Parenting Partnerships: Parenting support for first-time mothers

Wisconsin Early Childhood Programs

Impact of Adoption on Birth Parents

Completing an Adoption in Minnesota: Information on the Rights and Responsibilities, of Birth Parents, Adoptive Parents, and Adoption Agencies. 

Catholic Charities: Post Adoption Resource Center- Western Region

Bellis: Adoption Education & Support

Birth Mom Buds: Faith-based organization providing peer counseling, support, and encouragement

PACT: An Adoption Alliance

EVOLVE Pregnancy Services Blog

Birth Mother Connections: To connect with another birth mother, please contact EVOLVE. 

Safe Haven/Safe Place

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