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Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming. You may have questions; what are my options, who can help me and where do I start?

EVOLVE is dedicated to easing the stress that comes  with an unplanned pregnancy.  

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Ellie's Story

At 22 years old, Ellie was experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. After finding out she was pregnant, she started to look into her options. "When I decided to do adoption, my mom and I started to look for adoption agencies and I came across [EVOLVE]." Adoption is something Ellie is no stranger to, having been adopted herself. Although she looked through every couple's photo book, her mother knew that Katie and James were the couple Ellie was going to choose from the beginning. "Katie and James are amazing; they are one of the best things that have happened to me and I couldn't be more happy to [know them]."

Ellie had come into her adoption plan very sure that she wanted a closed adoption, but has since changed her mind. She is glad to keep in contact with her son's adoptive parents, receive photos, and even meet them for dinner. 

Ellie, Birth Mother, Age 22

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Dedicated to easing the stress that comes along with an unplanned pregnancy. 

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